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This is by far the best purchase I made in 2013. After deciding to sell the car and go bike from here on in I knew there would be comprises concerning my 4 year old daughter BUT… the WeeHoo iGo trailer changed that. As a mountain bike owner who does not always take the conventional route from A to B, plus I wanted to see how this device would follow me, and so far its manages everything I have thrown at it from sand to stairs and even better so when the little one in the back helps on the pedals. My wife and I are amazed with its total ease of use, lack of rolling resistance and how pretty much unnoticeable it is on the back of the bike while riding, not to mention all the attention it attracts which makes each ride make my daughter feel like the queen, lol! Just today when we were out, I took a break from pedaling and my four year old girl managed to keep us rolling for 300 meters without a problem….bless her.


I recommend the Weehoo to anyone who has young children! It is wonderful!! We rented one at the beach this summer and fell in love. We live in a large city and use it around town all the time. It is great on sidewalks and streets.


We love our WeeHoo iGo trailer, but more importantly so does our 5 yr old daughter. As the weather has started to be more spring-like, getting the bikes out was one of the first things she wanted to do. We've had the trailer for more than a year and have been very happy with it as a way that we can ride as a family. When our son was young (he's now 12), we used a different kind of trailer to ride with him - a WeeRide co-pilot - and we were mostly happy with it, except that it required him to keep his own balance (and stay awake), which limited how long we could ride. With the Weehoo iGo trailer we have no such concerns. With the iGo trailer we ride for as far and as long as we want to ride, with the confidence of knowing that a tired kid will not affect our ride. Our daughter, who has some balance difficulty in addition to still being only 5 yrs old, can ride along with us and still contribute by pedaling! And, if she gets worn out, she is welcome to nap while we continue to ride. The Weehoo iGo trailer been one of the best family-time investments we've ever made.


Absolutely loved my weehoo... having used it constantly from 2011 to 2013 I was gutted when my bike was stolen (along with the weehoo attachment on the seat post) I recently contacted weehoo to get a replacement hitch kit and they couldnt be more helpful. THe replacement part has been sent free of charge. The weehoo is solid sturdy and my daughter loves it .. Up hills there isnt the usual drag as the little people help with the push. I have used other trailers but there is no comparison. The weehoo is in a class of its own



After about four weeks with the Weehoo, we LOVE LOVE LOVE it! We have a 4-year-old, tall, daughter who has outgrown a two-wheeled trailer (we have a two-wheeled trailer and use it for our 2-year-old), and the Weehoo is absolutely the best way to keep biking with her.


I purchased this at a bike shop after reading reviews online and wanted to add my enthusiasm to the Amazon reviews. My son is 4 and had grown out of his copilot and we had enjoyed many long rides as a family and weren't sure what we'd do next. Then we found weehoo. I have no issue with it toppling over as others mentioned, getting a kid in and out is straight forward. The ride is excellent for child and adult. On one of our first rides we went 20 miles without a single word of complaint, in fact several "weeeeeehooooos" came from the back. The storage is very useful as are the cup holders. I'm getting another attachment so we can switch between my bike and my husbands. I foresee many years of happy riding ahead of us. It's truly an excellent well thought out product. Excellent value for money IMO.


Fantastic Product and Amazing Customer Service! 

I purchased our Weehoo 2 years ago this month. Since then it has been pulled along behind my mountain bike on hundreds of miles of forest trails. It is durable and well constructed having been put to the test on lots of rocky and muddy trails. It has allowed me to keep riding the singletracks with my toddler in tow. Our Weehoo has been worth every penny! My bike was stolen last month with the Weehoo hitch attached to the seat post. When I called Weehoo to find out about replacing the part, Nick immediately shipped a new hitch and shim to me free of charge. I really appreciate a company that provides that level of service! Thank you Weehoo for a great product and excellent customer service!

Incredible family tandem bike 

My family enjoys hiking and biking which is why we bought this product. We have a 4 year old who is biking on his own and a one and a half year old as well and they both love the Wehoo. My 1 1/2 year old just enjoys the cruise. The straps are tight enough where he is safe. My 4 year old loves to peddle and when he does you can tell, it acts like a true tandem. It feels safe. There is ample storage. It pivots well and feels safe going over bumps and around corners. We use it for trail riding on longer routes and we use it around town as well.

Highly recomend

Wouldn't make a move without it! 

I have the similar but older 2012 model. We're relocating across town to be closer to our adult daughters. Locating another suitable neighborhood where there are bike trails so we could continue to take our grandchildren on outings in our Weehoo was paramount. My wife and I are seriously downsizing into tiny (<600sqft) third floor apartment. We'll be toting our bikes and the Weehoo up and down the stairs till we drop. Hopefully you get the picture as to how much joy this thing has brought to our family.

It's my son's very favorite thing 

My two year old is just nuts about this. He often tries to climb into it when we go out to the garage. 15-20 mile rides are no problem. He just wants more. I put a small hydration bladder in the seatback pocket and fill one of the side pockets with goldfish. I've pulled it about 400 miles so far with no issues whatsoever. About 25% of that has been on (mellow) dirt. It provides great father-son time and I expect it to last for years to come.


LOVE our Weehoo 

I purchased the Weehoo after trying a "buggy" style trailer for my little girl; my daughter and I have fallen in love with this product! With the seat and harness, I never worried about her falling out. I would highly recommend to any family who loves to cycle.

I also received some amazing customer service after calling them with problem that occurred after 3-years of use!


Interactive for Kids 

Our daughter does not like sitting in a car seat, but she was always kept entertained when riding in the Weehoo. The chair is supportive enough for her to take a nap while riding also. We didn't have a rear fender on the bike so there was the occasional dirt in the eye issue, but that should be solved with a fender. It is possible to use with a rear rack if you get a short one that doesn't protrude back too far. I also put a spare seat post adapter under the actual attachment to let it sit a bit higher and give clearance. We have done some light touring with this thing attached ok.